Nping - port redirection detection.

Yesterday I got an email from about the beta version (5.30) of nmap. For
those who use nmap I recommend to read the changelog, they fix and change few things and add new interesting scripts. Also, from now on Nping will be the part od nmap distribution (like ncat).

Nping is a "ping" like tool but on steroids (something simillar to hping2), it has a lot of powerfull features that can expand host discovery techiques in many different ways. Like nmap ping option with packet trace, using Nping you can check the response TTL values, and more or less determine if there is a port redirection on a remote router (Read my previous posts about finding port redirecition with nmap)

Here is a simple example:
nping --tcp -flags syn -p3389,22,1723 -c 1 -H [x.x.x.x]
(where x.x.x.x is an IP address)

--tcp -flags syn tcp protocol, only syn flag will be set
-p ports to check
-c 1 this is for reducing count of packets (for more information check Nping man page)
-H show only response

One of the difference that I found between the nmap and nping is that nping is a little bit slower (nmap ~0,4sec / nping ~3sec), currently I don't know why this happening and how can I (as a user) speed it up. Maybe it's a parameter issue.


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