Hello and welcome to my new playground. It's been a while since I've made something ambitious, like for example my previous blog (digitalinsane.com). For about two year I've been working in small company as an ERP application developer. It's a fine job however I feel that I'm stuck. If someone will ask me "Do you like your job?", the answer will be "I have to.". Like every human being on the planet I need money to survive, and doing boring business things it's currently only way to survive, so I have to like my job. Anyway, I did few cool things in JavaScript couple of years ago and I thought I'll do this until I get completely bored of it, but my job has changed me. Now I'm focused on operating systems, networking, SQL servers, business intelligence applications, etc. As you can see these things are not related in what I've been doing in the past, so I had to change my interests.Also, I needed to find something that makes all these things less boring and free myself from feeling stuck. So, I've started interesting in computer security, pentesting, the bright and dark side, I've desired to be a ninja or Jedi (please stop laughing), and because of that I decided to create new blog instead of continuing digitalinsane.com, which was mostly about JavaScript frameworks.

I hope you enjoy this one.


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