Scanning for available WLAN networks with PowerShell

Everyone interested knows how great tool netsh is if it comes about network configuration on Windows, especially when you are command line geek. Personally, I am often using it for setting ip addresses or managing Windows firewall. Starting from Windows Vista Microsoft has changed few and add new contexts giving you more control over network configuration. One of my favorite is "wlan". If you use Windows as your Wireless connection manager and, as I mentioned you are command line person the netsh wlan context is just for you. Not every wlan settings are changeable, but those that are available are enough to control wireless configuration through command line.
Few days ago I wrote a script that transform the result from 'netsh wlan show networks' command into something that looks familiar to airodump-ng scan, I think table form is more readable.

Here is the script (oh, I forgot to mention, this is PowerShell script):

Usage example:


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